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Our Head of Wellbeing, Alexandra Lisiecka, does an amazing job of running Gazelli House, bringing her enthusiastic smile and energy to everything she does. With a history as a body expert, a Masters in Physiotherapy and over ten years experience she offers one of our Gazelli Exclusives: Hypnomind Massage.

Hypnomind Expert

The Gazelli Exclusive Hypnomind massage was developed in collaboration between our experts and Rachel Coffey, Hypnotherapist, Life coach, and NLP Master, to create a choreographed massage and hypnotherapy designed to create a positive flow of energy between the mind and the body.


  • Let go of anxieties, emotional blocks, and mental tensions

  • Rhythmic flowing techniques and deep pressures release physical tension

  • Creates a positive flow of energy

  • Leaves you feeling positive, lighter and recharged

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