Meet the Experts: SEREN founder Lucia Dailey

Lucia Dailey, founder of SEREN

Lucia Dailey, founder of SEREN

Meet the Experts: SEREN founder Lucia Dailey

From 12 November at Gazelli House London we’re showcasing London fashion label SEREN’s new collection, which takes its inspiration from art, culture and the laid-back disco decadence of the 1970s. SEREN’s focus is on effortless style, using hand-painted prints and luxury fabrics. It was a SEREN jumpsuit that first caught our founder and creative director Jamila Askarova’s eye. Jamila wore the jumpsuit to the opening party of our new South Kensington conservatory and tea room at Gazelli House – and it was that evening that she happened to be introduced to the founder of SEREN, Lucia Dailey.

We caught up with Lucia to find out more about the brand and her inspiration for it:

What inspired you to start SEREN London?

I founded the company in 2016 with a capsule collection of twelve jumpsuits (four styles in three hand-painted prints). As such a versatile and wearable item, the ‘one piece’ wasn’t receiving the attention I felt it deserved – it was always viewed as secondary to ‘the dress’ as a go-to item for occasion dressing. I wanted to change that. The focus of SEREN is effortless style, bold prints and luxury fabrics. And we’re best known for our signature jumpsuits.

Even as the brand has evolved, the jumpsuit remains at the core of our collections. However, our range now also incorporates ‘non jumpsuit’ items.

What do you believe makes SEREN special?

I take a hands-on approach to all elements of the business, from the designs to the branding and financial side of things. Each of my days is completely different and I love the creativity and variety involved in what I do.

The laid-back glamour of the 1970s plays a huge role in the SEREN aesthetic. An understated elegance prevailed – classic and sophisticated silhouettes brought to life with bold, recognisable prints rather than branding or logos. At SEREN we wanted to re-create that aesthetic in wearable and versatile pieces that would look great and feel amazing.

How do you relax and de-stress when it feels like everything is getting too much?

Finding the space to relax fully is pretty hard, but I do try to make time in the evenings to see friends and to spend quality time with my husband. A massage or facial is always a welcome treat and the Hypnotherapy Mind Massage at Gazelli House is my absolute favourite!

Tell us about your typical day before 9am?

I have a two year old and another little one on the way, so life pre-9am is always hectic, involving dressing (both of us), breakfast and prepping for the day ahead. I try to attend a spin class twice a week and treat myself to one coffee a day!

What are your favourite places in London to spend days off?

 I love the Golborne Road in Notting Hill for treasure hunting and brunch with friends, Holland Park for walks and the V&A for inspiration. The River Café on a sunny spring or autumn day is also one of my all-time favourites.

How do you balance your work and home life?

 I work from home a lot, so it’s important to differentiate between the two. I like to put my little girl to bed every night and try to keep the office door closed after that. Weekends are weekends and holidays are special times for friends and family. There are always exceptions, but you have to draw lines when running your own business or you’ll end up working every hour of the day and even after that into your sleep!

What does wellbeing mean to you and what are your top wellbeing tips?

For me wellbeing is about balance: work, sleep, exercise, social and family life. If I let one of those drop, I can feel my mood change. I think it’s important to listen to your mood and to an extent to manage your life accordingly.

What mantra do you live by?

SEREN is short for Serendipity… a concept that plays on the idea of fate and things happening for a reason. I believe that we should live life fully, with kindness, and be thankful for all the little things each day brings or teaches us. Each tiny moment or occurrence plays a role in the bigger shape of our lives.

Stop by Gazelli House on Walton Street, close to King’s Road and Knightsbridge, between 12 November and 25 January to discover SEREN’s new collection. Plan your visit.