Meet the Experts: Aurora Facets Founder Justine Nagaur

Aurora Facets Founder Justine Nagau.JPG

We’ve recently launched a new wellbeing boutique in Gazelli House, our South Kensington London wellness space and spa, as well as online here. We’ve introduced Aurora Facets jewellery and malas (a meditation aid) so we caught up with founder Justine Nagaur to discover more about the range.

 “I believe very much that the pieces are healing tools in their own right, keepsakes rather than short-lived fashion pieces. They are energetic beings that will happily guide you should you take the time to develop that bond,” says Justine.

How did you become a jewellery designer?

I’ve always been a magpie for jewellery, and even at a young age I would dig for crystals. When I was older I would collect gemstones from the various countries I visited and I went on to study Crystal Healing and Reiki.

After a long period of illness I learnt about meditation, breathwork and other practices to help heal myself. Within this knowledge I came across malas. I decided I wanted to make my very own mala for my meditation practice, something that would be personal to me – and that’s how everything fell into place. I took various silversmithing courses and continue to learn.

Aurora Facets Meditations Malas at Gazelli House

What inspires you?

Life, love and joy inspire me. The real joy in creating my pieces is when I see someone connecting with them, the gestures they make to display joy, how they might hold it, especially when it is taken to the heart, the smiles and pleasure in their eyes as I get the sense that they have just brought into their lives a keepsake that will be at their side and go on a journey with them.

Can you tell us more about your design process?

Most of my pieces are one-off creations. I tend to think that I am just another tool in the whole creation process, as I channel with Spirit to ask for the right pieces to come together for a specific person, or for the right person to walk into the space. Therefore there is a dialogue going on somewhere in my subconscious that might result in an instant answer or might take time to evolve. 

Once the stones are chosen I go ahead and hand-knot the piece. This is when my journey with the mala begins. During the knotting I tend to go into a meditative state and chant mantras. I then write about the piece, evoking a feeling or sense I have had about it. I find this is a nice way for the client or potential future owner to have a more cerebral connection with the piece once they have had the initial energetic connection. 

How do you suggest people choose the piece that is right for them?

Crystals will connect energetically with a person – this is usually received initially through their subconscious and is felt as a knowing. 

This knowing often seems to link with a visual aspect too – you look, you know, there is a swift healing equation that goes on inside which results in a desire. Sometimes this desire is positive – “I really want/must have that” – or sometimes it can be the opposite, where you might feel appalled by a crystal.  In this latter case the crystal or piece might in fact become a deep learning tool as it will often be reflecting a shadow side or some aspect of yourself that you do not wish to face right now. In such cases I also recommend connecting, but perhaps with a gentle, caring and spacious mindset to allow yourself time to heal and grow with the piece as you take your own healing/learning journey.

How did you feel when you first walked into Gazelli House?

I felt welcomed first and foremost by Jamila’s radiant smile as she greeted me. Then I felt somewhat wowed by the beautiful surroundings, which clearly have been gifted much time in the attention to detail paid to each and every corner, providing pleasure to the senses, especially visual.

Though I was wowed, I also felt very relaxed. The staff on every occasion I have been to Gazelli House have been warm and inviting as well as down to earth, creating a sense of calm in which the rush of hectic London life can stop for a moment. I have also found them very enthusiastic in learning about the pieces I have brought to Gazelli and it has been important for me to know that those who visit Gazelli will have that knowledge passed on to them with heart-centred giving.

Aurora Facets meditation Malas in London

Justine before 9am

 I generally get up at 5.15am – not every day, but more often than not until my body says “I need a lie in”.  I cannot do anything until I have splashed cold water on my face, a habit since childhood.

 The dogs are usually downstairs still sleepy and warm, so they get a little bit of hands-on Reiki while I wait for the kettle to boil for my large mug of water and lemon. I then take this to a small room set up for my own personal wellbeing practice and for the children to meditate on the rare occasions they do. I start with pulling a tarot card and setting an intention for the day. After this, it is back-stretch time and sun salutations before I move on to my meditation, with or without crystals and incense depending on how the morning is feeling.

Breakfast is a homemade juice and a smoothie made with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables picked at peak ripeness. Then it’s time to wake the children, do a bit of housework and admin, get ready for school, then shower. I swim two or three times a week at 7am if I can.

 Once the kids are off to school and the house is quiet, I say ‘good morning’ to my crystals and start the designs that are calling to me.

 You can discover Aurora Facets at Gazelli House on Walton Street in London South Kensington. Plan your visit here.