The Gazelli Gift Edit

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Our founder and creative director Jamila Askarova’s aim has always been to make Gazelli House a home from home. She sources vintage and one-off pieces from around the world to give Gazelli House its unique character. By request, Jamila has curated an edited Christmas Gift collection of wellbeing must-haves, accessories and one-off vintage pieces for you to browse in Gazelli House, our wellbeing space and spa in London’s South Kensington, or online here.

“A creative soul always looks for a moment or object for inspiration,” say Jamila. “I’m on a constant search to feed my own curiosity and creativity but also to be able to give back my discoveries or a moment of creativity to someone else. That’s the beautiful circle of inspiration and we should all strive to inspire each other and share positive energy and light.”

Jamila has grouped the collection into different personalities to make shopping a breeze. Let us introduce you to the personalitieshere:


For those who are connected with their spiritual selves and surround themselves with objects that carry a symbolic meaning and enhance the everyday.

Beauty Junkie

For those who follow all the latest beauty trends and like to stay in the know about recently discovered ingredients, formulations and brands.


For those with a creative soul who are always looking for an object or moment that inspires and are on a  constant search for something unique and memorable.


For those who love to surround themselves with masculine character, quality products and fine experiences.


For those in this wonderful time of life who want to be surrounded by positive moments and objects that bring joy, love and positive energy.


For those with an ever-curious mind and adventurous soul who love to explore different cultures and like surrounding themselves with objects that remind them of their travels or make them think of unexplored territories.


For those who are devoted followers of fashion and love unique statement pieces that will make them stand out from the crowd – the true stars who treat life as a red carpet every day.

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