Dry Skin Brushing: The Benefits & How To Do It The Right Way

Dry skin brushes at Gazelli House South Kensington, London

Dry skin brushes at Gazelli House South Kensington, London

Daily dry skin brushing helps to boost circulation, reduces cellulite and improves the skin’s texture and tone. Alex, our head of wellbeing, is a huge advocate of dry skin brushing and was passionate about finding the best dry skin brushes for our new wellbeing boutique at Gazelli House in South Kensington, London, and online here.

To do dry skin brushing every day may sound like a chore, but it takes only three to five minutes and leaves your skin instantly invigorated and smoother. “Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which collects and transports waste to the blood,” says Alex. “So by dry skin brushing you are encouraging this process, which improves the skin’s texture and tone.”

“When clients ask me how to reduce and help prevent cellulite, I always suggest daily dry body brushing as the easiest way”, says Alex. “However, if you have some stubborn cellulite then a course of Radiofrequency treatments at Gazelli House really delivers results. I’d also suggest adding a weekly body scrub such as Aroma’s A Thousand Charms body scrub to your routine.”

We asked Alex:

How should you use your body brush?

You should use the brush in dynamic, long, sweeping movements, in an upward direction. Start with your feet then move up your legs, incorporate your groin and move up your stomach using circular movements. Next do your hands and then up your arms, bringing the movement to your armpits. See picture attached.

Should you dry skin brush before or after the shower?

Before the shower on dry skin.

How should you care for your body brush?

Make sure you are rinsing it with water when necessary; remove the skin debris by shaking it off. You can also spray it with Tea Tree Essential Oil for its antibacterial properties.

What’s special about our Hydrea body brushes?

They are really high quality and feel great on the skin but they are also ethically sourced and made. They use only the finest natural and organic raw materials and are manufactured mostly in the UK and Europe.

How do I choose the right body brush?

Walnut Dry Skin Brush with Cactus Bristles

This is our best seller – it fits beautifully into the palm of the hand, feels luxurious to use and is excellent for sensitive skin.

Bamboo Round Body Brush with Cactus Bristles

Some of our clients prefer to use a circular motion rather than long sweeping strokes. If this is the case then this Bamboo Round Body Brush is a great option. As a medium-to-firm brush, it is best for normal or more robust skins.

Professional Beech Brush with Natural Bristles

This firm brush is best suited to more robust skin. The bristles have been specially cut into a curved shape for easy all-over brush strokes and the ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold.

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