How We Can Help You Achieve Healthy Skin

Facial Treatments At Gazelli House London

Facial Treatments At Gazelli House London

Facial Treatments at Gazelli House, South Kensington, London

Each Gazelli Facial Treatment begins with an in-depth diagnostic to gain a true understanding not only of your skin but also of your wellbeing so we can devise a bespoke treatment and homecare plan that delivers.


 Every facial at Gazelli House is unique. “I really get to make a difference to the skin’s health in a way that supports its natural functioning rather than using more disruptive or invasive methods,” says Valerija. As well as an extensive library of Gazelli professional skincare products, Valerija has the best non-invasive technologies at her fingertips, including oxygen infusion, abdominal massage, high frequency, microdermabrasion, pharmaceutical grade peels, micro-needling and radio frequency. “I love working with radiofrequency to support collagen production,” says Valerija – and she is known as the mistress of skin peels, which kick-start the skin into functioning well, leaving the complexion refreshed, healthy and radiant.


 Increasingly sought after by those in the know, Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of the best natural methods for improving the skin’s texture, tone and health. Unlike most facial treatments, it addresses both the causes and effects of premature ageing to deliver noticeable results that last. Gazelli master of acupuncture and oriental medicine Phoebus Tian uses a combination of acupuncture, shiatsu, facial massage and reflexology tailored to each individual client. This targeted treatment helps to stimulate the body’s ability to self-heal by enhancing blood and lymphatic flow to accelerate the natural drainage of toxins and to increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. This in turn stimulates collagen production and an anti-inflammatory response which reduces puffiness and helps to improve the tone and suppleness of the facial muscles.


 Hormone, immunity, digestion and inflammation imbalances can all lead to skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and sensitive skin. Acclaimed nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh is renowned for her skin-regeneration work. A self-proclaimed skin obsessive, Alice stays continuously on top of the latest research on nutrition and dermatology and has helped thousands of clients to manage specific dermatological conditions or simply to promote healthy glowing skin that is more resistant to signs of ageing.