Meet the Experts: William Ogboke, Body Expert

William Ogboke at Gazelli House Wellbeing Space in South Kensington

William Ogboke at Gazelli House Wellbeing Space in South Kensington

Let us introduce you to William Ogboke, a specialist in sports massage and the newest member of the Gazelli family. “I just love the homely atmosphere of Gazelli House,” says William.

Not all massages are the same and at Gazelli our aim is to create body treatments that go beyond the therapy room, tackling knots and aches and leaving you feeling refreshed and lighter. “I always suggest to my clients that they view a treatment space as an extension of their home – a place where they can be themselves, relax and rejuvenate,” says William. “Gazelli House lives and breathes this notion and it is complimented by the welcoming energy of the team.”

William has over twelve years of experience as a massage therapist and body expert.  Most recently, he has furthered his qualifications in sports massage: “I was an athlete so I have a personal understanding of the psychology of sport,” William says.  Sports massage helps to correct imbalances caused by repetitive or strenuous physical activity and trauma (tight muscles, knots, aches and pains). Sports massage before or after exercise can enhance performance, prevent injury or aid recovery.

 William is also fully qualified in holistic massage and aromatherapy. Specially tailored to each client, holistic massage treats your whole body as a single entity, taking account of your spiritual and emotional wellbeing as well as tackling tense muscles. For aromatherapy, William is an expert in therapeutic oils. He blends his own aromatherapy massage oils with our unique Gazelli oil blends, which include our restorative and clinically tested White Oil. “I’m often asked what my favourite oil is,” says William, “but it depends on what I want to achieve, my mood and the environment. I do love working with oils from the Rutaceae (citrus) family – they suit my personality and blend well with both herbs and flowers. Citrus oils also help to improve blood flow and can make the arteries less sticky, so they work effectively if the objective of the treatment is to improve circulation or encourage toning.”

As with all treatments at Gazelli House, each body treatment with William is unique. Sessions start with an in-depth Diagnostic Consultation where your expert works with you to identify your needs. Your holistic wellbeing is taken into consideration and we devise a results-driven treatment just for you. William will be able to help you with practical suggestions to try at home including movement routines and stress-management rituals. “My clients are my biggest inspiration,” says William. “Many have said that since seeing me they have fewer aches and pains and are ill less often. Many feel they have increased mobility and they often thank me for helping to make them the best version of themselves. How can I not love my job?”

William before 9am

Orange juice and music generally kick-start my day. I always like to eat fruit on an empty stomach so when I wake up is the perfect time to enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit.

William’s wellbeing

Massage therapists are famous for giving and not getting – it’s in our nature as we have the instinct to heal and nurture. But I do make sure I get two massages a month nowadays. Also, I grew up near the Scottish Highlands and I rely on nature walks to cleanse, restore and rejuvenate. 

Words to live by

It doesn’t matter how much you think you know… there is always room to grow.

To find out more or to book a treatment with William please email Harriet and Anna here

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