What is Reiki and What Are its Benefits?

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We caught up with Jasmin Harsono, our Reiki Master, to answer your questions and find out more about Reiki and what it’s all about.

What is Reiki and how does it work?

Reiki is pronounced “Ray-Key” - Rei means ‘spirit’ and Ki stands for energy. Together it can be translated as universal energy. Often those who experience it describe  Reiki as love and light. I like to describe Reiki as the light that is already within us, and all around, oneness. Reiki is us coming home to our purpose and calling - our true self.

The system of Reiki was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui.  I am trained in both Western and Eastern lineages that go directly back to the founding and practising members.

Reiki is not just ‘hands on healing’ but a way of life, living consciously, using principles, meditation, breath, sound, and other tools that work in harmony with one another. It works on a quantum level allowing healing to take place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Reiki is completely safe and can be shared with all living things and situations, with adults, children, babies, pets, plants, spaces and so on. Reiki is a type of complementary or alternative therapy that focuses on energy and spiritual healing. It is used by the NHS.

During a Reiki treatment or meditation Reiki is shared by the practitioner allowing healing to take place on all levels mind, body and soul.  Reiki works with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

How does Reiki help you?

·      It promotes natural healing

·      It reduces the impacts of stress, including physical, emotional and mental symptoms

·      It promotes relief from pains, including stiffness and tension

·      It helps to alleviate anxiety and depression

·      It helps to restore emotional balance and promotes self-esteem and mental clarity

·      It aids positive thinking and meditation

What will happen at the start of a Reiki session?

You will be welcomed into Gazelli House, a warm and inviting space where our front-of-house team will offer you water or our house rosebud tea. We will ask you to fill out a short form about your wellbeing and will make sure any questions you have are answered. Soon you will be guided to the beautiful treatment room downstairs to begin your session.

What will happen during the Reiki session?

Every session is bespoke, and every experience is unique. I will make sure you are really comfortable, lying on your back with your arms by your side (if this is uncomfortable for you we can adopt a different position, so please ask) and a lavender-infused eye pillow over your eyes. 

I will guide you through a short energy breathing exercise to allow your body and mind to settle into the space that surrounds you so you feel safe and supported. With my hands placed softly on and over your body, I begin to share Reiki, starting from the crown of your head. I work my way through all the primary energy centres, sending Reiki to alleviate any symptoms physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – from your crown all the way to your feet, grounding you before finishing the session. Most sessions will also include sonic healing, where I use ancient sounds and intuitive soulful vocals to help you sink into a deeper meditative state so you can experience a true of sense of coming back into a state of wholeness.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes are best. You will remain fully clothed during your session, only having to remove your shoes.

How long will the session last?

You can book a 60-minute or 75-minute session.

How will I feel afterwards?

This varies. As a Reiki practitioner, we trust that Reiki goes where it needs to during the session. You may feel energised. You may experience some physical clearing and therefore you may feel emotional and want to cry. There are usually feelings of elation and a sense of true healing. You may also ask for and receive intuitive guidance from me after your session is finished. 

How often do you recommend having Reiki?

It really depends on what you want from the sessions. Also, sometimes things develop or change after your session so this is something I can discuss with you. Frequent treatments are recommended if Reiki is to be part of a wellbeing practice.

Is there anything I should do or avoid after the session? 

Both before and after the session try to eat plant-based meals, to rest and to drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. I would also recommend making some notes after your session and if you are coming regularly, keep a diary of how you are feeling, noting any changes.

What are vibrations?

The whole universe is made up of vibrating particles that the eye can’t see. When I describe Reiki, I often say it is a higher, finer, vibration – love’s vibration. These higher vibrations lift us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, opening us to our true potential and supporting us in living in a more conscious way. When we think of the words ‘kindness’ and ‘compassion’, we feel lighter and brighter. This is a higher vibration.

Masuro Emoto conducted experiments with water. He had two glasses of water in front of him. To the first glass of water, he said ‘I LOVE YOU’ over and over again. To the second glass of water, he said ‘I HATE YOU’, also over and over again. The glass of water that received the message ‘I LOVE YOU’ formed beautiful crystal patterns that clearly responded to the high vibrations it received. And when you have a Reiki treatment, these high vibrations flow through you. 

You can find out more about Jasmin here. We are now taking bookings for Reiki 1:1s with Jasmin – email us at mailto:bookings@gazelli.co.uk to find out more and to book. Jasmin also hosts a group guided meditation on the first Thursday of each month at Gazelli House in South Kensington – you can find out more here.