Discover our Pre-Natal Hydro Massage

Jamila Askarova Gazelli creative director at Gazelli House London

Jamila Askarova Gazelli creative director at Gazelli House London

Designed by Gazelli’s team of expert therapists to address all of the

body’s needs during pregnancy, the Pre-Natal Hydro Massage is the

answer to pregnancy prayers. This indulgent full body treatment has

been tailored to support and care for the body during pregnancy, on

the inside and out.

Enjoy a release in back pain, shift fluid retention and alleviate stretch

marks as the massage lures the mind and body into a state of deep

relaxation. Float on the warm water pillow as it cocoons the back,

echoing the cocoon felt by your baby. The gentle massage ebbs and

flows over the skin ensuring not to disrupt or stimulate but to gently

mimic the rhythms the baby feels in day to day movements.

The Water Pillow

Gazelli know that comfort is key for expectant mothers, which is why the

treatment takes place on a customised Hydro-pregnancy pillow. The bed of warm

water molds to fit the shape of the body whilst the pillow cushions and supports

the back in all the right places. Let a feeling of weightlessness wash over the body,

as calm descends. The supple cushion aligns the spine throughout the treatment,

naturally supporting the back and cradling the vertebrae.

The Benefits

The pre-natal massage aims to alleviate tension in joints and muscles whilst the

rhythmic method encourages the flow of blood and oxygen to the areas in need.

The body will let go of toxins as the massage gently kneads the skin and stimulates

the release of endorphins from the brain.

The Treatment

The hydro massage uses a unique 3-dimensional technique, ensuring movements are

rhythmic and continuous. As with every Gazelli treatment the pregnancy massage

is bespoke and tailored to the individual body and soul. First and foremost, the

guest is given the opportunity to discuss problem areas with the therapist before

the treatment to ensure the massage is tailored to individual needs. The massage

technique has been perfected to help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy

state. The focus on weight bearing joints helps to accelerate the recovery of sore

muscles, alleviating tension and addressing stress. The supple hydro pillow allows

the masseuse to reach the back effectively, as the hands massage the skin in

synchronisation with the water.

Gazelli’s White OilTM is massaged in; working in synergy with the skin, the oil triggers

key processes to protect from free radical aggression, increasing the metabolic

rate of cells, boosting microcirculation and stimulating the synthesis of collagen

and elastin. During a time when the body is working overtime to generate and

protect, the White Oil TM helps the skin to energise and rejuvenate thus creating

perfect conditions for cell regeneration.

Email our front of house team at to find out more and to book. This unique treatment is £145 for 60 minutes