How to Feel Great When you Travel

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Eat Smart

"We often struggle to eat well when we travel,” says our nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh. "Preparation is key - bringing healthy snacks that don't need a fridge requires some forward thinking but is a total lifesaver when the only option is a cheese sandwich and a coffee.  If jet-lagged, consider eating more zinc-rich foods, such as pumpkin seeds, fish, poultry and seafood, to help normalise your body clock."

Digital Detox

“We live in a hyper-connected world,” says our new psychologist Elaine Slater. “And this can be stressful as well as negatively affecting our sleep. Research has shown that blue light from electronic devices inhibits our sleep hormone, disrupts our circadian rhythms and over-stimulates our nervous system. So aim to disconnect from the digital world at least two hours before bedtime.”

And Breathe

If you find your mind is wandering and taking you away from enjoying the present moment, our Reiki master Jasmin Harsono has a suggestion: “Take a few minutes to connect to your breath. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Notice the sensations of your breath: the temperature, where the breath travels and where it may need to expand. You’ll find your attention returns to the present.”

In The Moment

Jasmin also recommends: “Try being mindful with each activity you carry out. If you are walking, be aware of your footsteps and take in your surroundings. If you are eating, think of where the food came from, its look, taste and textures. Using your senses to take in what’s around you allows you to live in the moment.”

Good Gut

Speed up a sleepy digestive system by applying pressure to the indent to the left of your lower knee cap. This activates Stomach 36, a well-known pressure point in acupuncture that helps to energise your system and aid digestion. 

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Energy Boost

Try this quick game created by our head of wellbeing Alex to boost your energy levels. Watch the clock for a minute, counting how many breaths you take. Then slow down your breathing and count again. Alex counted eight times. Try it and see how energised you feel as a result!

Drink Smart

“Consider the shape and size of your wine glass,” suggests our habit coach Dr Heather McKee. “You will serve yourself 12% less wine using a tall glass than a wider glass. Research has shown than even top bartenders pour up to 30% more into shorter glasses.”