6 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Mood

Gazelli founder Jamila Askarova

Gazelli founder Jamila Askarova

At Gazelli we find Spring is a great time to adjust your routine, set goals and start new adventures. The sun comes out and can often bring a renewed sense of energy and positivity. We asked our experts for their tips to enhance your energy and boost your mood this spring.

1.     Great Minds

“The Japanese principle of Kaizen focuses on making small, incremental improvements over time,” says habit coach Dr Heather McKee. “Research has proved that breaking a goal down into small steps is more likely to achieve long-term results than attempting to make giant leaps towards a big goal.” You can discover more tips from Heather here.

2.     Simplify

“Doing a big clear-out is a great way of shedding some of the heavier layers in preparation for spring,” says our Reiki master Jasmin Harsono. “You may find something new to wear in the process, and donating to your favourite charities and clearing space in your home can both lift your mood.”

3.     Restore Balance

When your body’s energy levels are out of balance it has an impact on many aspects of your wellbeing. Acupuncture focuses on returning the body to a healthy balance. Discover more about how acupuncture works here.

4.     Stretch Out

Our head of wellbeing Alex suggests adding 10 minutes of yoga to your morning routine. “When you’ve spent 8 hours in bed, your body is in regenerative mode. We need to pump the lymphatic system and boost blood flow,” say Alex. We love Julie Montagu’s Yoga for Beginners DVD to get us motivated.

5.     Pump It

In Reiki, ‘Kenyoku-Ho’ – meaning ‘Dry Bathing’ or dry skin brushing – is a Japanese ritual of purification. Our Reiki master Jasmin has shared a simple dry bathing routine over on our blog here to give your energy levels an instant boost.

6.     Get Out

Our body expert William Ogboke grew up close to the Scottish Highlands and swears by the power of nature to restore, rejuvenate and cleanse. Jasmin agrees: “Being surrounded by nature’s life force, switching your phone off and allowing time to connect with your surroundings is incredibly uplifting.”