6 Steps to Renew Yourself for Spring

Gazelli founder Jamila Askarova in South Kensington

Gazelli founder Jamila Askarova in South Kensington

Wake up Your Metabolism

Humans as well as animals can go through a winter hibernation cycle, needing more sleep and feeling less vigorous. In spring the body wakes up again, so now is the perfect time to jump-start your metabolism with a new routine. Dry body brushing takes just a couple of minutes a day and has been shown to stimulate the lymphatic system, discourage fluid retention and cellulite and help your body to cope with toxins, as well as softening and toning the skin. Using a body brush, make swift, long strokes towards the heart, including your torso, legs (from the soles of the feet upwards) and arms (starting with the hands). You’ll soon be able to see a new you.

Learn Something New

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”  Meister Eckhart (1259–1327)

In spring we naturally have more vitality and strength, so why not use the extra energy Nature has provided to move out of your comfort zone? Research demonstrates that learning new skills or actively absorbing new information helps our attention span and memory, as well as our capacity to understand the world around us and to solve problems. Here at Gazelli we have organised a calendar of events to help you broaden your interests and discover new activities.


Make a Fresh Start

Treating each day as a new opportunity allows you to embrace a constant process of renewal – physical, emotional and intellectual. Research indicates that starting each day with five minutes of focused breathing (yoga pranayama) is a powerful way to reset your system and prepare for a positive experience. Sit comfortably in a quiet environment and pay attention to your breath. Once you are in tune with the rhythm, make a short pause after each exhalation, then allow the inhalation to start almost as a surprise. Our co-founder Dr Z recommends following breathing practice by splashing your face with cold water – it’s cooling, calming, oxygenating and helps naturally to refine the pores.

Get Into Your Stride

Warmer days encourage us to spend more time outside, expending more energy as well as boosting our levels of Vitamin D. But did you know you can maximise the benefits of even a simple activity like walking by following these four easy steps? First, focus your gaze on the horizon and hold your head erect, as if you were showing off your earrings. Second, push off by peeling your back foot slowly from the ground to lengthen your stride. Third, lift from the hips and engage your core. Fourth, allow your arms to swing naturally in front of your body. Even a short bout of active walking will leave you feeling invigorated and renewed.

Read Your Skin

Your skin is a mirror of your organism, and we recommend that you take the time to study your reflection – or read your skin – with each change in season. A Gazelli Skin Diagnostic looks in detail at your skin, body and mind, using hands-on techniques coupled with targeted questions. Understanding what’s going on with your skin allows you to adjust your skincare routine, diet and exercise regime to make the most of spring. Revisit, review, renew!


Pay Attention

Renewal does not always have to be about turning over a new leaf, but can be achieved simply by noticing what’s already there. Research indicates that the centuries-old meditation technique of mindfulness – focusing your mind in the sensations and thoughts of the present moment – is one of the best ways of relieving stress and enhancing the quality of life. Begin by switching off your auto-pilot so you become more aware of the world around you as well as of your own thoughts and feelings. Birds, bees, blossom – wake up to the joys of spring!