Meet the Experts: Elaine Slater, Therapist

Gazelli House therapist Elaine Slater

Gazelli House therapist Elaine Slater

We are excited to have Elaine Slater as a new addition to our team at Gazelli House, our wellness space in South Kensington. Elaine is a therapist – but a therapist with a difference. Rather than proposing a dauntingly open-ended series of sessions that take you back to your childhood on the one hand and stretch interminably into the future on the other, Elaine is starting at Gazelli House by exclusively offering an initial consultation, followed by a course of three or six targeted sessions, with the aim to help clients to connect with a deeper sense of who they are and to embark on a path to finding their true sense of purpose. 

“People are longing to find meaning in life, to create an existence that matters,” says Elaine. “Recent statistics show that the phrase ‘what is my purpose’ has been Googled a billion times, so it must be that many of us need to find authenticity, to connect with who we really are and to live a life stripped of all the white noise and false stories that confuse our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.”

A trained therapist and registered psychotherapeutic counsellor with more than 15 years’ experience, Elaine offers a safe space where her clients can tell their stories without fear of judgement. She works empathetically and intuitively, establishing a deep connection as she encourages people to explore the issues that have prompted them to seek help and to discover how their lives might be transformed. 

“In the first session I usually ask people what the catalyst was for making the call to come and see me,” she says. “Why now?” Sometimes there might be a burning issue they are unable to resolve, or they may be stuck in a destructive relationship or unfulfilling situation, or sometimes they want to make a change but something is blocking them.

Elaine then works to help her clients build a story that describes where they are and what they want to achieve. Once the story has taken shape, she helps them to identify the true self at its centre and to examine the obstacles – both external and internal – preventing them from living in harmony with their true essence. “It’s as if I act as their mirror,” says Elaine, “and through me they can see their deeper and true selves reflected back to them.”

 Therapy with Elaine is directive and solution focused – the relationship is a talking one where Elaine and her client embark on a dialogue, with Elaine’s role to be compassionately challenging. “So many people live their lives based on who they feel they should be and look, how they should behave and what they feel they should strive for rather than who they really are and what they really want.” Elaine supports an individual reconnect to a deep sense of worthiness and “I am enough”.

Elaine is a Buddhist who’s has been practising transcendental meditation for 25 years – “these two things anchor my life and feed my soul,” she says. Her work as a therapist also gives her a huge amount of satisfaction and purpose and she cites Eckhart Tolle, whose book The Power of Now extols the importance of living our lives consciously and with presence.

“I also take care of my body – I believe we are what we eat – and make sure I get at least a brisk walk and some time with nature every day,” says Elaine. “To relax I love to enjoy a glass of red wine and a high stakes game of backgammon and be surrounded by loved ones and laughter.”

Tell us about your typical day before 9am

Morning for me is all about self-care and preparing myself for the day ahead, both mentally and emotionally. I’m an early riser, and the first thing I do is drink a litre of Kangen water, followed by almond milk and matcha green tea. Then it’s time for my Buddhist prayers and meditation.

After that, I shower and dress, followed by a healthy breakfast. I’ve been seeing a medical herbalist for years and I take medicinal herbs based on my needs, which helps to keep me in equilibrium.

Then I usually check my emails and I might spend ten minutes tending to my plants to give me a few moments of presence. I love nature and animals, and being in a beautiful environment is very important to me – flowers, candles, scent and classical music.

What mantra do you live by?

Be yourself.

To find out more or to book a session with Elaine, please email us