Introducing our NEW Body Programmes

Body Ballancer at Gazelli House South Kensington, London

Body Ballancer at Gazelli House South Kensington, London

Let us help you to take the stress out of summer and bloom, with one of our results-driven, personalised programmes that include three or more targeted treatments to help you feel and look your best.

Our team of experts can work with you to:

·       Boost your vitality and energy

·       Improve your digestive system & gut health

·       Decrease cellulite by 50%*

·       Achieve a more sculpted & toned physique

·       Reduce the volume and fluid retention of your abdomen, upper arms, buttocks & legs

·       Help you to create healthy habits that last

·       Reset your energy levels so you feel positive and recharged

·       Improve your complexion from inside and out

·       Enable you to become the best version of yourself

Discover Body Ballancer at Gazelli

New to Gazelli House this summer, Body Ballancer is a versatile, relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system that has been created from the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage. A pressotherapy massage with our Body Ballancer will reduce the appearance of cellulite, slimming, firming, toning and smoothing the skin and reducing volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and legs, which are often affected by fluid retention. Email us at to find out more and book.

The Day Before – £199

Get that glow and improve the skin’s texture and tone. This express pre-holiday boost combines three treatments and the expertise of two consultants in just 90 minutes. Indulge in a full body scrub, an express bespoke facial and the very latest pressotherapy technology, Body Ballancer. Pressotherapy has been described as a “game changer” that helps to tone and firm the abdomen and legs and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Week Before – £420

Enjoy both instant and long-lasting benefits from this high-impact, targeted 180-minute treatment programme. You’ll enjoy a full bespoke body treatment including radiofrequency, which has been scientifically proved to leave skin lifted, smoother and firmer. You’ll also be treated to a bespoke facial using the very best non-invasive technologies to leave your skin healthy and glowing. And you’ll experience the transformative powers of Body Ballancer’s pressotherapy, which reduces cellulite and improves skin tone.

The Month Before – from £699

Gazelli believes that by taking a fully integrated 360-degree approach, you can experience a transformative impact on your wellbeing – both inside and out. Following a complimentary consultation, Gazelli’s head of wellbeing will create a unique wellbeing programme tailored just for you to meet your goals.

Treatments can include:

·       Acupuncture

·       Reiki

·       Nutritional therapy

·       Habit coaching

·       Transformative therapy

·       Bespoke body treatments

·       Body Ballancer Pressotherapy

·       Bespoke facial treatments

Our Experts have shared their top tips to help you bloom this summer - you can take a look here.

* Source The Carlton Group. Results based on eight treatments over a two-week period. A 50% improvement in stage 2 cellulite was reported.