Summer Wellbeing Countdown

Gazelli House in bloom

Gazelli House in bloom

Are you prepared to bloom this summer? Our experts share their tips to help you flourish as the days get longer and sun makes an appearance. It’s the perfect time to try our revolutionary Radio Frequency for the body - designed to reduce the appearance of even the most stubborn cellulite - or our NEW Body Ballancer - decongesting problem areas with its unique technology.

1.     Start by taking pen to paper to write down how you want to feel this summer. It’s important to do this with self-compassion, so rather than writing “lose weight”, try “I want to feel healthy and toned”.

2.     A 360-degree approach to your wellbeing can be transformative, both inside and out. Gazelli’s Wellbeing Programme starts with a complimentary consultation with our head of wellbeing, who will then create a unique programme to meet your goals. This could include Reiki, acupuncture, transformational coaching, nutritional therapy, body treatments, pressotherapy and facial treatments. Email us at to find out more and to book.

3.     Get rid of dull winter skin. At Gazelli we offer an indulgent full-body exfoliation and recommend regular dry skin brushing to help improve the skin’s texture and tone, promote lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite.

4.     Discover the “game-changing” benefits of our new Body Ballancer’s pressotherapy massage. New to Gazelli House, pressotherapy massages reduce the appearance of cellulite, slimming, firming, toning and smoothing the skin and reducing volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and legs.

5.     Gazelli’s transformational therapist Elaine Slater suggests choosing or writing an affirmation or mantra to promote neuroplasticity and reset the mind and feelings.

6.     Don’t keep in stress and anxiety in the lead-up to the summer holidays. Acupuncture, Reiki and meditation have all been proved to help reduce stress and restore a sense of balance.

7.     Make sure you have some healthy snacks on hand such as nuts and seeds to avoid reaching for sugary treats when your blood sugar dips.

8.     To help reduce the appearance of cellulite, Gazelli nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh suggests adding spices such as cayenne pepper or chilli to your diet as they can encourage the metabolism. The humble apple is loaded with a type of fibre that forms a gel-like substance in the gut to help remove toxins from the body.

9.     Happy gut = happy mind and body, so make sure you look after your gut. As much as 90 per cent of our serotonin, also known as the happy chemical, is produced in the gut, so it is vital to make sure it is functioning well – eating healthily, massage and acupuncture can all help.

10.   Finally, our habit coach Dr Heather McKee recommends not taking on too many goals at once. “It can have a domino effect,” says Heather. “If we fail at one, we can end up failing at them all.” So at Gazelli we recommend focusing on one goal at a time, such as adding an exercise class to your weekly routine.

You must come and see for yourself as Gazelli House, our wellbeing space in London’s South Kensington, has been taken over by the spirit of the rose. The House has been dress to captivate visitors when they arrive for a treatment or enjoy a floral tea in our glass house. For the coming week’s you’ll also discover events centered around this majestic bloom and all things plant-related – you can take a look at our events listings here.

In time for the new season we’ve also just introduced three new Body Programmes - you can find out more here.