Our Team’s Summer Wellbeing Must-Haves

Our Team’s Summer Wellbeing Must-Haves

Our Team’s Summer Wellbeing Must-Haves

At Gazelli this summer we’re abuzz with excitement about the new arrivals in our wellbeing boutique. Only nine months old, our shop was launched because guests at Gazelli House, our wellbeing space in London’s South Kensington, would often ask for recommendations or enquire about where things came from. Our creative director, Jamila Askarova, is a treasure-hunter with an eye for quality, design, function and a bit of magic so she had a clear vision for the wellbeing boutique from the outset. What started as a small curation of must-haves from Jamila and our team of experts quickly grew in scope and popularity to the point where we’ve struggled to keep items such as Arthouse Unlimited’s beautiful charity soaps in stock. For summer we’ve expanded the range – while staying true to our mission to stock only the best of the best of wellbeing products. Here our team share their current obsessions:

Valerija – Face Expert, Hayo’u Rose Quartz Gua Sha

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial massage tool is my hands-down favourite because of its effectiveness. Skin looks more lifted and plumper after just a few minutes – so if you do half the face for a couple of minutes, the difference is clear. It really improves blood circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to feed the skin cells, greatly improving not only the skin’s appearance but its health. It also helps reduce water retention and aids lymphatic drainage. It’s so simple, but just a couple of minutes a day delivers real results that accumulate over time. I also love rose quartz as it’s known for purifying and opening the heart on all levels to promote love.” 

Ilaria – Front of House, The Wild Unicorns Club Adore Majestic Aura Mist

“Whenever I need a boost I reach for my Adore Aura Mist from The Wild Unicorns Club. It has a beautiful scent and is created to promote a feeling of love and self-love. It always leaves me feeling uplifted. It’s also lovely to have met the creator, Charlotte Sofia Rose, who is such a genuine and grounded person.”

Sally – Head of Communications, Gazelli Ultra Nourishing Saviour Mask

“One of the first products I was introduced to at Gazelli House was the Ultra Nourishing Saviour Mask. I can’t recommend it enough. Whenever you need a radiance boost, it’s your skin’s best friend. I put it on before a flight to stop my skin getting dehydrated. I also dab a little on my cheeks after I’ve finished my makeup for a radiant glow or on my shoulders and collarbone during the summer.”

 Jasmin – Reiki Master, Raw Rose Quartz Crystal

“Of Gazelli’s current crystals, I find myself drawn to the Raw Rose Quartz. It connects us to the energy of love that resides deep within us and allows us to feel and live with gratitude, compassion and kindness for others and for ourselves. It represents the innate connection to our heart, to the heart brain in our body we should listen to, with unconditional love, passion and purpose.” You can discover more about the benefits of rose quartz including Jasmin’s tips on how to use it here.

Alexandra – Head of Wellbeing, Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF50+

“We’ve been using Mesoestetic’s SPFs in our treatment rooms for some time. They are highly regarded by our experts because they offer a high level of scientific and physical protection that’s lightweight and doesn’t clog the skin. This is particularly vital after a facial peel. Mesoestetic’s range comes in a variety of formulations including some specialist products such as an SPF that targets hyper-pigmentation. We’ve been amazed that the near-invisible tint vanishes completely on so many different skintones. My favourite product is the Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF50+ – it’s so easy to use and it can even be spritzed on top of makeup.”

Phoebus – Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Rosebud Tea

“Rose tea has a very long history of use to promote wellbeing not just in China but across the world. Gazelli’s Rosebud Tea has been dried slowly to preserve its essential oils and has a really delicate, clean and refreshing taste.” You can discover more about the benefits of rose here.

Harriet – Front of House, Growbar Seed Collection

Growbar’s Seed Collections look like beautifully wrapped chocolate bars but inside each is a collection of seeds that you water and then just watch grow. There’s lots to choose from but my favourites are the Bee Bar, which grows bee-friendly flowers, and the First Aid Bar, which sprouts soothing natural remedies for bumps, bites and scrapes. They make the perfect gift.”

You can shop our wellbeing edit here.