Why You Need Rose Quartz – And How To Use It

Raw Rose Quartz Available from our Wellbeing Shop

Raw Rose Quartz Available from our Wellbeing Shop

Rose Quartz – the ‘love crystal’ or stone of the heart – is one of our team’s all-time favourites, featuring in many of the products in our wellbeing shop and as well as in our practice. So we thought you’d want to find out more about what it can do for you…

Rose Quartz – stone of the heart

Embodying the energies of peace and compassion, healing and tenderness, comfort and nourishment, Rose Quartz is sometimes called the “crystal of unconditional love”. It has been used as a love token for more than a millennium, but its power lies less in attracting new love and romance than in promoting self-love, dissolving emotional hurts and resentments and enabling us to open our hearts to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and to others. As the Persian scholar and mystic Rumi put it: ‘Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“Rose quartz is like a big hug,” says Tamara Driessen in her seminal book on crystal healing, The Crystal Code (available from our wellbeing shop here signed by Tamara herself). “It can bring harmony to your existing relationships – friendships, family, professional and romantic. But the relationship with yourself is the most vital of them all. As you learn to love yourself, you’ll have so much more to give.”

Rose Quartz – for emotional wellbeing

Our Reiki master Jasmin Harsono uses Rose Quartz in group meditations designed to promote self-love. “It has such a soft, feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort”, she says. “With your hands placed across your heart centre and a Rose Quartz crystal cradled in your fingers, you can sink deeper and deeper, embracing gratitude for all that we are into our hearts, finding love for ourselves, for everyone in the room, and then sharing it into the world and beyond.”

As well as using Rose Quarz in meditation, Jasmin recommends placing the crystal under your pillow to stimulate dreams of self-love that will encourage a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment. Used in conjunction with Himalayan Pink Bath Salts, Rose Quartz can help to recharge the body’s energy, relax our defences and open our hearts to the capacity to give and receive love.

Rose Quartz also inspires the love of beauty in nature and art and opens us to the power to create and to focus. “It’ll ground you and slow everything down, helping you to mellow out… to stay in the present moment, your worries fading away,” says Tamara.

Rose Quartz – for physical wellbeing

Face masks containing Rose Quartz have been recovered from Egyptian tombs and it seems the crystal has been esteemed for millennia for its capacity to clear the complexion, prevent wrinkles and make us more beautiful outside as well as inside. In addition to soothing the skin, it is believed to have a beneficial effect on relieving headaches and other stress-related conditions, to support fertility and to help recovery in mothers who have experienced complications in giving birth.

Our Face Expert Valerija Lifanova recommends the Hayo’u Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial massage tool (available from our wellbeing shop here). “This is my hands-down favourite because of its effectiveness,” she says. “Just a couple of minutes a day helps reduce water retention and improves blood circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to feed the cells, leaving the skin looking healthier, more lifted and plumper. I also love Rose Quartz as it’s known for purifying and opening the heart on all levels.”

For Ilaria Callegari, our front-of-house manager, the charge of Rose Quartz within The Wild Unicorns Club’s Adore Majestic Aura Mist provides the perfect injection of energy when life gets tough. “I reach for it whenever I need a boost. It has a beautiful scent and is created to promote a feeling of love and self-love. It always leaves me feeling uplifted.” Created by The Wild Unicorns founder Charlotte Sofia Rose, Adore uses the power to Rose Quartz to “connect us to the love we carry deep within us and allows us to radiate this love out into the world”. You can find Adore in our wellbeing shop here.

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