Why I Created the Intense Transformation Retreat with Valerija Lifanova

Soul-based Spiritual Counsellor Valerija Lifanova at Gazelli House

Soul-based Spiritual Counsellor Valerija Lifanova at Gazelli House

“I knew I needed help but I had no idea that the help I was seeking would arise from within and change my whole perception,” explains Valerija Lifanova when we met to find out more about her inspiration for creating The Intense Transformation Retreat – a regular day retreat which is going to be held at Gazelli House, our South Kensington Wellbeing Space. The retreat was created to share an alternative to stressful modern living, by supporting you to use your own spiritual power to live in peace and beauty – irrespective of suffering and external circumstance. The first retreat takes place on Saturday 24th August from 11am – 4.30pm, you can find a breakdown for the day and book your space here. We were intrigued, so asked Valerija to tell us more:

What is Soul Consciousness?

Soul Consciousness is when you connect to your higher-self which allows you to live a more purposeful life. A life where you can express your authenticity and fulfil your true needs, whilst understanding the true meaning and purpose of your life experiences. We are more than we think. 

What was your journey to becoming certified in Soul-based Spiritual Counselling and Soul Transformation Therapy? 

My passion for soul consciousness arose from experiencing my own spiritual transformation and the magical changes that it created both within and around me. When you experience a cycle of feeling lost, it often creates a negative reaction. For me, it hit strongly and shook my whole world, including my relationships, sense of self and inner state. It taught me first hand that sometimes we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves in a new way. We often underestimate our own power and look for someone else to show us the way. But if you think for a moment, no one else knows you better than you! It took me several years to become ready but I knew I wanted to help others and share this empowering approach which is why I trained in Soul Transformation Therapy and became a certified Soul-based Spiritual Counsellor.

I strongly believe that we are all responsible for our own happiness and state of being, and it is in our own interest to heal ourselves and live a joyful life. The deep exploration of self helped me to find peace and love within, and I believe everyone has the capacity to do it too.

How did the idea of the Soul Consciousness Intense Transformation Day Retreat come about?

I wanted to inspire and help support others on their transformational journey. Our potential is limitless, and I wanted to provide space and a toolkit for everyone to learn and re-connect – no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. To go through an effective self-healing process, it is necessary to work on all levels of being, including physical, mental, emotional and vibrational (energy). So, it was essential that the Intense Transformation Retreat worked across all these levels. The objective for the retreat is to help people uncover a higher understanding of self which brings a heightened sense of meaning, allowing you to reveal your true purpose.

Tell us about Melike Hussein and what her Transformation Breath® session will bring to the Intense Transformation Retreat?

I wanted to include Transformational Breath® in the retreat as it helps to release stress, anxiety, emotional blockages, emotional pain and suffering. It also helps release past traumas and more. I was determined to find the right person to work with and Melike and I instantly had a mutual understanding. Having trained with the masters in the field Melike is now one of the leading experts in Breathwork in the UK– she’s a fully qualified Transformational Breath® workshop leader and certified in Conscious Breathing. Melike first discovered Transformational Breath® as a way to help her manage the pressure of her senior role in finance. Struck by its deep transformative power, Melike quit the corporate world and dedicated herself to gaining mastery in the field. Melike will be leading the afternoon session at the Intense Transformation Retreat later this month. 

Melike found that practicing Transformational Breath® allowed her to discover her true self, “it helped me see beyond the white noise created by my thinking, self-critical mind; and to connect to my feeling, deeply connected and powerful self. As I connected to myself, everything in my life changed and fell into place too. I found my life’s purpose, changed my career, found the love of my life and we built a wonderful home together. I found a type of inner peace that I never imagined was possible,” explains Melike. 

What do you hope people will take away from the Intense Transformation Retreat? 

Each Intense Transformational Retreat focuses on a different aspect of life. In the Soul Consciousness work at the retreat, we will assist you in laying the path to and discovery of a SELF, which is free from any limiting thoughts, beliefs and complete with endless possibilities for a fulfilling life. This part of the work is through our MIND and SOUL. Then with the Transformational Breath® session, we will help quieten your thinking MIND allowing your BODY and SOUL to connect, feel, intuit and manifest your deepest potential. 

These two practices, Soul Consciousness and Transformational Breath®, work in harmony to free and nourish all three key aspects of your being – MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Tell us more about August’s Intense Transformation Retreat?

We’ll be focusing on “wounding’. Healing our wounds involves learning from our pain by helping us face fear and separation before leading us through forgiveness, acceptance and trust into the connection of love. During the session we will expand our awareness of the lessons wounding, pain and suffering can teach us from the soul perspective. We’ll create an opening for the soul to express itself, as the Transformational Breath® practice helps to release pain, grief, suffering and the related tension, anxiety and stress and encourage the healing process by bringing peace. August’s retreat is part of a series which will help you become more soul conscious, while repetitive transformational breath practice will help improve your health and release tension and emotional baggage. The next themes are below: 

7th September 2019 “Forgiveness”

28th September 2019 “Ego and soul interaction”

19th October 2019 “Peace and love within/ Becoming an expression of soul”

9th November 2019 “Presence”

30th November 2019 “Relationships”

14th December 2019 “Fear”

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