Meet The Experts: Kay Suppamas, Founder of Leafage

Kay Suppamas, Founder of Leafage

Kay Suppamas, Founder of Leafage

No garden? No problem. We’re welcoming back Kay Suppamas, founder of Leafage, this September for an exclusive Build Your Own Rose Quartz Terrarium workshop. Kay has been a trailblazer on the urban gardening scene and has helped to fuel the current obsession for terrariums. We caught up with her to find out more…

What inspired you to set up Leafage?

I was always searching for the meaning of life, especially after the sudden loss of my father to a heart attack back in 2016. It felt like the turning point for me to do something meaningful in my life. 

After attending a silent meditation retreat to heal and grieve, I realised that everything starts with myself and that perspective is all. I found my calling in life, which ultimately led me to the art of terrarium making and the creation of Leafage.  

Do you have to be green-fingered or crafty to attend the terrarium workshop?

Absolutely not! Whether you are a plant expert or a garden novice, our terrarium workshop takes the stress out of creating a green haven in your home or office. Our main goal is to make gardening fun and accessible for absolutely everyone.

How do you hope people feel when they leave the workshop?

Inspired, educated and happy. 

Aside from terrariums, what are your other favourite ways to add more nature to the home?

House plants. The first terrarium I made four years ago gave me so much self belief in my capacity to keep plants alive (hahaha). That was the starting point for me slowly to transform my home into a mini jungle.

How do you balance looking after your own wellbeing with running Leafage?

I make time for things that matter in my life such as connecting with my friends and family in real life.

Cycling and countryside micro adventures are non-negotiable for me – regardless of how busy my schedule is.

Most importantly, I use my daily breaks/commute times for personal growth. I live by self-improvement podcasts. My new favourite app to explore interesting non-fiction books is Blinkist. It is amazing for anyone who is short of time but loves to learn!

Tell us about your typical day before 9am?

I end my morning shower with cold water. It then depends on how I feel the night before – but either I head out to Richmond Park for a morning run/cycle or meditate for 15 minutes using the Insight Timer app with its zen ending bell.

What mantra do you live by?

“If you can’t fly then run, 

if you can’t run then walk, 

if you can’t walk then crawl,

but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Join Kay and Leafage on Saturday 14 September from 2pm to 3.30pm for the Build Your Own Rose Quartz Terrarium workshop. You’ll be guided step-by-step through how to create your very own mini garden in a glass container – think of it as a miniature garden with the magical addition of a rose quartz crystal. You can book your space and find out more here.