at Gazelli House London

Sensory Massage

Experience total relaxation of all your senses with this hands-on, smooth flowing massage, mind soothing aromas and the perfect pressure to melt all tensions away

30 min £65 | 60 min £120 | 90 min £165

Therapeutic Massage

Reset and recover with targeted therapeutic NASA technologies - infrared and ultrasound - that loosen deep muscle aches and relieve pains, removing stubborn blocks and tension build ups and getting straight to the problem

30 min £75 | 60 min £145 | 90 min £185

Gazelli Hypnomind Massage

Created in collaboration with Rachel Coffey, Hypnotherapist, Life coach, and NLP Master, this multi-sensory, holistic experience combines hot stones and compresses within a soothing massage that flows in perfect sync with a healing, guided meditation

90 min | £185 

Sound Massage

A modern method rooted in ancient knowledge of the positive effects of sound, singing bowl massage deeply touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration, breaking tension and mobilising self-healing and creative energies

60 min | £165

Back Facial

Release tension, refresh and tone the skin, and target problem areas such as back acne. Our back facial is a combination of relaxing hot compresses, with scrubs and formulations tailored to your unique needs to ensure your skin is clear and you can feel confident

30 min | £75

Sleep Easy

Rest, recover and recharge with this targeted acupuncture treatment that works on your meridians, trusting the principles of this ancient wisdom to realign your energies (Qi) and alleviate sleep problems

60 min | £125

Pre and Post Natal Massage

A unique treatment that specifically addresses your body's needs during and after pregnancy, when your system is working overtime to nurture and protect. Treatments are performed as you float on a Hydro-pregnancy pillow filled with warm water, which moulds to the shape of the body, aligning and supporting the spine

60 min £145 | 90 min £185

Oncology Massage

Take comfort and fully relax with this loving, light-touch therapy technique that works slowly using rhythmic sequences, each massage is tailored to meet the unique and changing needs of the individual, with a solid understanding of the complexities of the condition and its symptoms

60 min £75.00

Anti Cellulite

Say goodbye to cellulite with this firming, toning and highly stimulating treatment that boosts circulation in problem areas for an even and smooth skin tone. Enjoy a full body coffee scrub, a seaweed massage and wrap for incredible results*

60 min £145

*Talk to our experts about adding our Radio Frequency technology for an extra boost

Body Ballancer

This special, relaxing massage suit increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks - flushing toxins through the lymphatic system and markedly improving skin tone while reducing the appearance of cellulite

20 min £30 | 30 min £45 | 45 min £67.50 | 50 min £75

Bespoke Body Massage

Can’t decide? Leave it to one of our experts to create a bespoke massage that’s perfectly tailored to suit you and your body with its own unique needs with a prescriptive consultation

60 min | Prices from £145

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