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Diagnostics & Treatments



Our approach to skincare and wellbeing is defined by Dr Hamzayeva’s background in the field of genetics and preventative medicine. She is proud to have created skincare formulations that offer customers both the luxury and the results that they desire, and strongly believes in educating people to understand their own skin.

Each skincare journey begins with the Gazelli Diagnostics, a 7-phase analysis that closely examines the fundamental characteristics of the epidermis, and introduces the customer’s hands to their own skin. This enables the Facial Expert to determine a customised strategy behind the prescriptive treatment, working to restore skin to it's optimal health.

Your Gazelli Facial Expert will ask a series of targeted questions that evaluate the impact of lifestyle, mind and diet on the condition of your skin, and teaches invaluable tools for product administration and techniques for monitoring the skin, so that you able to truly understand your own skin self and maintain your progress at home.

After your Diagnostics you will receive your skincare profile that includes a progressive treatment program and homecare regime, devised to acknowledge and re-connect you with your skin, body and mind.



Our Advanced Collection treatments are conducted using Dr Hamzayeva’s extensive range of professional products. Bringing together a perfect synergy of advanced technology and hands-on sculpting and lifting techniques to deliver immediate and long lasting results.

Suitable only for application by our Gazelli trained experts, these potent formulations, utilising the breakthrough Gazelli White Oil™ throughout are designed to thoroughly recondition the skin and help restore it to optimum health.

The in-depth Skin Diagnostic before each treatment gives your Gazelli Expert a thorough understanding of the skin and the information to be able compose the ideal prescriptive treatment for you.

With this in mind, formulations are blended and applied with a unique combination of specialised techniques, targeted hands-on massage, and seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art technology.

We offer a unique service that stretches beyond the treatment room and becomes an on-going conversation between you and your Gazelli Expert. Guided by the belief that our skincare should be honest, authentic and effective, we aim to provide all guests with the tools to understand your own skin, and support you in monitoring its progress day-by-day, week-by-week.

To book a treatment or find out more please contact bookings@gazelli.co.uk