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Engage your mind

At Gazelli House we believe that wellness is a journey that starts with positive intention. We aim to inspire you to begin that journey, and to connect you with a community of specialists who care.

In the Sky Parlour you will find our practitioners holding private consultations and one-to-one sessions to address various areas of your life from anxiety to body image, relationships to confidence. We hope to empower you, help you to create a deeper sense of self-awareness, and assist you in your personal growth.

Our carefully selected practitioners are highly-skilled, friendly and familiar faces to guide and support you. Speak to the team to discuss what you want to achieve and to decide which character and approach appeals most.

We also host a range of inspiring group workshops and seminars to help you make those small, carefully planned steps that will set you on the right path to enforcing and maintaining positive change. See here for our calendar of events.

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