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The Intense Transformation Retreat Series: Peace and Love Within

  • Gazelli House 174 Walton Street London, England, SW3 2JL United Kingdom (map)

Join us in this unique retreat series to discover your inner peace, power, transform yourself and your life.


It is not necessary to live a stressful life. It is within your own power to live in peace and beauty, irrespective of suffering or external circumstances. 

We help facilitate your journey to discover ‘your life meaning’, deepest potential for living a life of love and purpose. By using two of the most powerful tools, Soul Consciousness Development and Transformational Breathing ®, we help you challenge your existing narrative and expand your belief system. 

For your journey, we have designed 7 bespoke retreats in 2019 (every 2/3 weeks) on Saturday afternoons (11am – 4:30pm) connecting you to your true essence by exploring different aspects of life such as Wounding (24 Aug), Forgiveness (7 Sept), Ego and Soul Interaction (28 Sept), Peace and love within (19 Oct), Presence (9 Nov), Relationships (30 Nov) and Fear (14 Dec).

We invite you to open space for life and encourage you to join us in as many of these retreats possible.

The Intense Transformation Retreat Series: Peace and Love Within, 19th 11 - 4:30pm

We all are souls and have the purpose of expressing ourselves through life experience and accomplishing our mission while we are here.

To truly understand who we are and why we are here, we must build a strong connection with our higher selves. Life being soul conscious in most cases is very different from when we live with personality consciousness.

Soul consciousness seeks to love unconditionally, to be compassionate, to see the beauty in everything and everyone and to make a difference in the world we live. When the soul manifests, you get to know yourself in a completely different way, and you will never see the world around you the same, since you will be able to understand meaning in every experience. Understanding meaning takes you on a constant journey of growth and self-development.

The process of becoming soulful requires dedication, will, trust and effort. When you get to know yourself on a soul level, you find love and peace within you. You find meaning and your purpose.

During this retreat session, we will look at what it means to be soul conscious and what soul qualities you could express more in your daily life in order to feel fulfilled. We will cover the importance of healing your past and some of the practices in details, in particular Imagination (including the keys to re-imagining); Meditation (and its importance); Dreams (as a direct channel of soul consciousness). You can use these practices in your own time to make significant changes within yourself and your life.

11am - 2pm Peace and Love Within: Soul Consciousness Development, including 15 min break 

2pm - 2:30pm Tea Break

2:30 - 4:30pm Transformational Breath 

Who is it for?

Our retreats are open to adults of all ages, who are interested in and willing to 

  • cultivate self-love and acceptance 

  • inquire after authenticity 

  • take authority for own life experiences and state of being, in their personal journey for growth

Join us in our intensive transformational retreats in small groups of like-minded people. 


To celebrate the launch of this unique series we’re offering offer 10% discount on purchase of 4 or more retreats. 


Do I need previous experience?

Transformational Breath ® session part of our retreats are suitable for participants with no previous breath-work experience and experienced breathers alike. 

Do I need to bring anything into the event?

No equipment needed. Yoga mats and blankets will be provided. Please wear loose, comfortable and warm clothes. 

How can I contact the organisers?

If you have any questions about 


Valerija Lifanova

Valerija is a certified Soul-Based Spiritual Counsellor and Soul Transformation Therapy practitioner. She specialises in guiding people to a spiritual awakening from the soul perspective. She passionately believes that we should never underestimate ourselves and our inner power, since it is limitless. Her practice brings transformative change to those who are seeking a higher purpose and meaning to life, connecting them to their authentic selves. Valerija is a founder of Peace and Love Within, a concept which helps to brig clarity, inner prosperity, understanding of true self and self-healing approach in daily life.

Melike Hussein 

A Certified Transformational Breath® Workshop Leader and Conscious Breathing Coach, trained with modern breath-work masters and Medical Doctors around the world. Melike is the founder of Breathzone, a company dedicated to sharing the empowering and transformational possibilities of Conscious Breathing. Through Transformational Conscious Breathing © practice she developed over the years, Melike helps uncover potential of human beings when they know how to connect to their own resources. She is extremely passionate about sharing his powerful practise to help others thrive. She works with individuals, institutions and businesses enabling them to reach their full potential.