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Still in the City: Rose Ritual

  • Gazelli House Walton Street SW3 2JL London (map)

Join Jasmin Harsono, in-house Reiki master and sound artist for a heart centred warming energy evening at Gazelli House.

Come home to your heart space as you experience guided meditation, energy breathing, Reiki, Sonic healing and affirmations connecting you to natures elements of red roses and rose quartz to help you to cultivate and experience a deep sense of self-love.

At the start of the session, Jasmin will give each participant a Reiki-infused rose quartz tumble stone to connect with during the meditation and to take home. Rose quartz crystals have radiant energy that will fill you with unconditional love. 

With hands placed across our heart centres and crystals cradled in our hands, we will sit and embrace gratitude in our hearts for all that we are, sinking deeper and deeper into our hearts through gentle energy breathing. 

Jasmin will then guide you through a red rose meditation, connecting to the deep emotions that lie inside of our heart space.

To end, you will receive Reiki and Sonic Healing including Venus Gong, Chakra Crystal bowls and intuitive vocals as you rest and receive.

Each person will receive short Reiki treatments one-on-one, concentrated around the heart chakra. A time for stillness, following the sounds and receiving the light and love of Reiki, universal energy. 

Towards the end of the evening, Jasmin will invite everyone to drink tea and share a little about their self- love meditation experience. Connect and get to know fellow participants, sharing anything from your heart. 

  • 6.00pm | Start Meditation

  • 7.15pm | Tea and Share

Tickets £37 which includes Rose Quartz tumble stone, Red Rose + Rose tea.