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“The breath of the eastern breeze… the old world hath once more renewed its youth!”
• Instantly boosts moisture levels

• Brightens the complexion

• Protects from free-radicals

• Restores skin elasticity

Use the Hydra Radiance Face Mist over the décolleté, arms and behind the neck before dressing to highlight the skin and create a warm and gentle aroma.
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This versatile Face Mist infused with Gazelli White Oil™ offers a weightless veil of hydration that instantly locks in vital moisture, gives skin a radiant glow and stimulates microcirculation to reawaken and brighten the complexion. Use as a toner or over make-up throughout the day for a moisturising boost.


Directions of Use

  • Shake well to ‘wake-up’ the bio actives.
  • Spray the mist onto the face from a distance throughout the day.
  • Can be applied over makeup.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • All skin types.

Customer Reviews

  • Hydration boost
    Linsey ,
    Quality   |

    I've added the face mist in to my skin care routine to boost hydration. I use a couple of times throughout the day to refresh and add extra moisture as i'm prone to dehydration, particularly in hotter weather

  • Good for on the go
    Quality   |

    I first used this mist on a long haul flight and it saved my skin from the dry cabin air! I now use it during the day in the summer to give my skin a boost of moisture, highly recommend.

  • lovely scent
    Quality   |

    I love the smell of this mist! I use it on my face and neck in the summer.

  • Superb product
    Quality   |

    This is a very light and pleasant product to use. I use it after my skincare and once during the day over my make up. Really gives a glow to the skin.
    I will definitely buy this product again.

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