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A certified Japanese and Western Reiki Master, Sonic Artist and Intuitive Wellbeing Mentor, Jasmin uses her vast life experience, self-healing, intuitive connectivity and creativity as a singer and songwriter to help others to connect on a deeper level: Mind, Body and Soul. She offers a transformational, restorative and relaxing treatment that will boost feelings of love, peace and security. 


At Gazelli House we offer a unique experience that extends beyond our treatment rooms to enrich your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We take the same approach with Reiki, an effective Japanese art of spiritual healing based on the belief that unseen universal energy supports the body’s capacity to self-heal. 


  • Promotes natural self-healing

  • Reduces the physical, emotional and mental impact of stress

  • Relieves physical pain, stiffness and tension

  • Helps to alleviate depression and anxiety

  • Aids meditation and positive thinking 

To book a treatment at the Gazelli House contact us on: 

+44 (0)207 581 4355

or email us at bookings@gazelli.co.uk