Mama Moon Candles - Spiritual Bleach

Mama Moon Candles - Spiritual Bleach


Mama Moon Candles are candles made the spiritual warrior Semra and are individually hand poured by Semra in her kitchen in London.

The development of Mama Moon Candles is a natural extension of my 20-year practice in reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals and Semras desire to create ritualistic tools that are accessible to all.

Sage clears negativity; bringing peace, comfort and healing. Rosemary helps clear what’s no longer needed in your life and protects against negative vibes. Lemon is a strong purifier, resonating with the energy of the moon and the water element, making this candle especially powerful if you wish to burn it during a full moon.

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250 grams. Hand-poured in London. Soy and mineral wax blend. Burn time approx. 50 hours. Comes in a gift box.