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At Gazelli House we offer a unique experience that extends beyond our treatment rooms to enrich your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We take the same approach with reiki, an effective Japanese art of spiritual healing based on the belief that unseen universal energy supports the body’s capacity to self-heal.

Initial Reiki Treatment 90 mins £137

Follow Up 15 mins £27 | 30 mins £47 | 45 mins £87 | 75 mins £127

Packages x5 45 mins £397 | x10 75 mins £797

Sound Healing

One To One - One Person - 45 mins £127

One To One - One Person - 75 mins £227


A certified Japanese and Western Reiki Master, Sonic Artist and Intuitive Wellbeing Mentor, Jasmin uses her vast life experience, self-healing, intuitive connectivity and creativity as a singer and songwriter to help others to connect on a deeper level, Mind, Body and Soul. She offers a transformational, restorative and relaxing treatment that will boost feelings of love, peace and security.

Learn more about Jasmin here.


Through stimulating specific acupoints, acupuncture strives to balance the body’s energy and promote natural self-healing. Dating back more than 2,500 years, the treatment works to give you a healthy, radiant glow and a feeling of emotional and physical balance.

Initial Acupuncture Treatment 75 mins £150 | Follow Up 60 mins £125

Meet The Expert: PHOEBUS TIAN 

A graduate from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Phoebus Tian has trained in both traditional and modern medical acupuncture. His personalised, patient-focused approach enables him to work closely with each individual, devising and delivering treatments that are gentle and precise.

Learn more about Phoebus here.

Habit Change Coach

Creating new habits may be easier than you think. Break unhealthy, non-productive habits and put new ones in place with these simple research based strategies.

Recommended to those who travel a lot, and lead a busy life and have to eat out or socialise a lot for work. A bespoke programme that ultimately helps you build the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy changes that last.

The Habit Kickstarter

60 minute session* £185

This session is for people who want a quick habit health check. Maybe you've found you are working too much, not managing your time effectively, aren't eating well or looking after yourself, or it maybe that your routine is simply non existent. This session will allow you to examine the key barriers that are holding you back and build initial strategies to break through these barriers and get your life back on track.

The Habit Changer Programme

3 x 60 minute sessions (+bespoke materials) at £850*

6 x 60 minute sessions (+bespoke materials) at £1550*

If you're looking to make significant changes to your lifestyle then this is for you. Over the course of the Habit Changer programme Dr. McKee will guide you in creating your bespoke research backed system for change supporting you to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for long term healthy habit success. This programme is exclusively for those who wish to make lasting changes to lifestyle behaviours such as healthy eating habits, stress, self-care, exercise, sleep and time management so that they can gain back control of their health and be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.

*(inclusive of complimentary 30 minute initial consultation)

Meet The Expert: DR HEATHER MCKEE 

Dr Heather McKee is the UK’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist, lecturer, speaker, consultant and habit coach. Having studied behaviour change and weight loss psychology for 10 years her mission is to offer an evidence based sustainable alternative to a wellness industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads.

Heather takes a person centred approach that is completely dedicated to supporting each individual in gaining back the balance, freedom and ultimately the control of their health.

Learn more about Heather here

Read Heather's 'Five Ways to Create Healthy Habits That Last' here.

Intuitive Therapy

A bespoke in-depth transformational programme designed by Elaine Slater to awaken the power and unlimited potential of your deepest most authentic self.

This life changing programme will support you in the process of letting go of many things from the past; unlearning patterns that create fear, anxiety, judgement, comparison, not feeling good enough, eliminating emotional turbulence, and breaking through limitations.

Taster Session

90 mins £185

The Slater Programme

1 x 60 mins £155

3 x 60 mins £465

6 x 60 mins £930

Meet the Expert: Elaine Slater

Counselling With a Difference: A trained therapist and UKCP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor, Elaine holds an MA in psychology and has been a Buddhist for 17 years, practising transcendental meditation for 25 years and therapy for 15. Elaine offers a safe space where her clients can tell their stories without fear of judgement. She works empathetically and intuitively, establishing a deep connection as she encourages people to explore the issues that have prompted them to seek help and to discover how their lives might be transformed.

Learn more about Elaine here

Womb Healing 

Shamanic womb healing sessions with Rebecca begin with an intuitive reading held in a relaxed space to share what is present for you within your life and womb space. Then together we work through practices to uncover your hidden inner truth and to clear emotional, physical and sexual traumas.

Practices can include a shamanic ceremony, a drum journey, crystal sounds, healing sounds and womb activation sounds. Sound has been used for thousands of years in various cultures as a tool for healing, a practice that is now recognised by science. Rebecca uses a variety of attuned tuning forks created by Angie Twydal to aid the clearing of negative emotional and physical blockages within the womb space and feminine gateways to create a clearer energy for body, mind and spirit. She also works with the Womb Medicine Wheel, an elemental wheel within our womb space, to bring balance to our bodies and energy. Sessions can be hands-on or hands-off if this feels more appropriate for you as an individual.

120 mins £200

Dates available 2019: 12 September, 2 October, 2 November or 6 December

Meet the Expert: Rebecca Wilson 

Rebecca specialises in Womb Connection Healing & Awakening.

She works with and support women through all stages of their life who are disconnected from their natural cycles, menstrual health and womb energy, fertility, creativity and Feminine Energy. 

Her offerings support them back into connection with their bodies and alignment with their feminine energy, inner truth, wisdom and power. 

Learn more about Rebecca here

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