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Every Gazelli Expert approaches their treatment program with the same underlying philosophy, that the emotional and physical self are intertwined and connected on multiple levels. Each treatment, be it face or body is deeply rooted in this belief, with techniques and analysis touching in on this ethos at various points throughout the journey.

Prescriptive Facial Treatments

Our Gazelli Face Treatment commences with an in-depth step by step 7-phase Diagnostic Consultation, guided by your Skin Expert areas of concern are unearthed and deeper issues are coaxed to the surface. We re-introduce the hands and face; re-connecting to the skin’s condition and learning how to analyse and monitor it’s state and condition. This all-encompassing approach assesses key concerns directing with the skin as well as educating on the health characteristics of the epidermis and in turn, identifying a wholly bespoke and collaborative treatment focus.

A full prescribed treatment plan will be devised to achieve your end goals, working alongside you at each stage to ensure a steady state of wellbeing and connection with your skin’s needs and goals. Results are meticulously and continuously tracked with each visit with therapies, formulations and techniques being tweaked and adjusted to respond to the skin’s needs.

Alongside each bespoke plan we champion and recognise the significance of the Gut Skin and Wellness connection throughout all Gazelli treatments. By stimulating the digestive function through a gentle abdominal massage, it scientifically shows a direct correlation with the improvement of skin heath, immune function, energy levels, mood and stress management. Each treatment journey is intimately monitored and coached through with your selected Skin Expert, building a trusted relationship that lives beyond the treatment room.

You’ll receive personalised homecare guidance as well as email contact with your Expert for ongoing support to achieve your complete state of happiness and wellbeing with your skin.

Prescriptive Body Treatments

Following an in-depth Diagnostic Consultation, your Body Expert will work alongside you to evaluate and identify the needs of your physical body, skin and mind. Every aspect of your being will be evaluated, from form to system and as result your journey will consist of a thoughtful and results driven, treatment plan designed just for you.

Each Expert is a master in their technique and philosophy drawing on an extensive range of healing methods, innovative techniques and technologies whilst utilising the extensive active formulations devised independently by Gazelli.

Each Expert will prescribe a detailed specialist homecare plan to encompass all areas of concern from daily movements, stress management rituals and wellbeing suggestions to treat your physical and emotional symptoms. All treatments and aftercare are built to become part of your Gazelli journey, to improve and support your complete wellbeing.

Please call 020 7581 4355 or email bookings@gazelli.co.uk to book your consultation now.